Redbrook Boat Club

Ashtabula, Ohio








This club shall be known as the Redbrook Boat Club.




The purpose of this club shall be to encourage the sport of yachting, to promote the science of seamanship and navigation, and to provide and maintain a suitable anchorage for the recreation and use of its members.






The officers shall be Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, Secretary and Treasurer.






Section 1.  It shall be the duty of the Commodore to command the Squadron, to enforce the laws and regulations of the Club, to preside at all meetings of the Club and to appoint all committees necessary for the annual operating management of the Club.


Section 2.  It shall be the duty of the Vice-Commodore to assist the Commodore in the discharge of his duties and to officiate in his absence.


Section 3.  It shall be the duty of the Rear Commodore to assist the Commodore and Vice-Commodore in the discharge of their duties and to officiate in their absence.


Section 4.  It shall be the duty of the Secretary:


A)                To keep the minutes of the meetings of the Club membership and the meetings of the Officers, in books provided for that purpose, and to have the custody of all reports and documents connected with the proceedings of the Club.

B)                To keep a correct roll of the members together with the dates of their election;

C)                To receive applications for membership and to transmit the same to the designated committee;

D)                To notify each new member of his election;

E)                 To keep a Fleet list of all vessels owned by members;

F)                 To send out all necessary notices;

G)                To keep a Certificate of Membership record book and act as agent in the issuance or transfer of said certificates;

H)                To prepare and distribute a Semi Annual Newsletter for the Club. The Newsletter to be emailed to members unless mailing by member is requested.


Section 5.  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer;


A)                To collect all moneys due the Club;

B)                To have charge of the funds of the Club, keep a correct account of all moneys received and paid out in a book provided for that purpose, and, under the direction of the Officers, to make proper disbursements;

C)                To present at each annual meeting and whenever so requested by the Board of Trustees or Officers, a detailed account showing the financial condition of the Club;

D)                To deposit the funds of the Club in a depository approved by the Officers;

E)                 To sign checks drawn on funds of the Club;

F)                 To pay small bills from a petty cash fund of $100.00;

G)                To send notices for the succeeding year’s membership dues and other fees to all members by January 1 of each year;

H)                To send statements for dues to all members by January 1, and to notify in writing any member who is in arrears as of February 15, that his membership shall cease if the amount in arrears is not paid before March 1 or unless suitable arrangements are made with the officers.


Section 6.  The Fleet Captain shall be the Executive Officer of the Commodore.  It shall be his duty to measure yachts and to report the same to the Secretary.  He shall enforce Harbor and Dock rules and assign dock space to members upon information from the Secretary.  He shall be charged with the responsibility of maintaining reasonable channel depth and shall be responsible for the proper care and operation of the club power shovel, pier lights, and all dredging equipment.

Section 7.  In the event of an officer vacancy, the remaining Officers shall elect a member to serve for the un-expired term.  All officers shall be Certificate Holders (or their spouse) of the Club in good standing.


Section 8.  The Officers shall meet periodically at the call of the Commodore or Vice-Commodore, depending on the requirements for the good of the Club.


Section 9.  Four Officers shall constitute a quorum and the affirmative vote of a majority of those present at any meeting of the Officers shall be necessary for the adoption of any resolution.


Section 10.  The Officers shall keep a record of all meetings held, and the minutes shall be read at their next meeting.


Section 11.


A)                The Officers may suspend any member from the privileges of the Club or terminate his membership for conduct prejudicial to the welfare and interest of the Club, or in violation of its Constitution and Rules.  Except for non-payment of dues or indebtedness to the Club, a member shall not be suspended or expelled until he shall have been given the opportunity to be heard before the Officers, but he may not be represented by professional counsel.

B)                A certified letter must notify the member of the suspension or termination of membership.

C)                Any member suspended or expelled from the Club by the vote of the Officers may appeal to the Trustees whose judgment shall be final in every case of        suspension and/or termination of membership.

D)                Any member so suspended or expelled may be reinstated by the Trustees.






Section 1.  The Board of Trustees shall consist of the immediate past retired Commodore, who shall serve as Chairman during his term of office and four Certificate Holders (or their Spouse) in good standing, who shall be elected for two year terms by the membership.


Section 2.  In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Trustees, the remaining Trustees shall elect a Certificate Holders (or their Spouse) in good standing to serve the un-expired term.



Section 3.   The Board of Trustees shall have authority over any physical changes or alterations to the real property or structures located on land owned by the club but shall not have any authority over the operating management of the Club.  A majority vote of the qualified voters shall, at any time, cause the action of the Board of Trustees to become null and void.


Section 4.  The Board of Trustees shall have a record kept of all meetings held, and the minutes shall be read at its next meeting.


Section 5. The Board of Trustees shall meet monthly or at the call of the Chairman.  Three members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board and the affirmative vote of three members shall be required on any matter.






Section 1.  The Commodore may appoint committees with the approval of the Officers for the annual operation management of the Club.


Section 2.  The Trustees may appoint committees to assist in their duties.


Section 3.  All committee’s functions must be approved by the appointing body prior to any action.






A Nominating Committee of three Voting Members shall be elected by a majority vote of the Officers not less than thirty days prior to the annual meeting.  The duty of this committee shall be to nominate candidates for all elective offices, notify the Secretary of the nomination so that notices of same can be mailed to the voting membership not less than  ten 10 days prior to the annual meeting.  No officiating officer will be eligible to serve on the committee.





Section 1.  Election of Officers and Trustees shall be held at the annual business meeting.  Candidates shall be elected by majority vote of the qualified voters in person or by proxy at the meeting.


Section 2.  All candidates for office shall be Certificate Holders (or their Spouse) in good standing at the opening of the meeting.


Section 3.  Nominations other than those made by the Nominating Committee may be made from the floor prior to the election upon the endorsement in writing of five certificate holders in good standing.


Section 4.  A Board of Elections will be appointed at the opening of the meeting by the Commodore.  It shall consist of three Voting Members who are neither candidates for office nor holding any elective office,


Section 5.  Newly elected Officers and Trustees shall assume full responsibility seven days following election.  All Officers shall serve for a period of one year or until qualified successors are elected.  All Trustees shall serve for a period of two years or until qualified successors are elected.







Section 1.  Each application for membership shall be delivered to the Secretary, who shall refer it immediately to the Membership Committee.  There shall be two (2) categories of membership; Boating Members and Social Members.


Section 2.  The Membership Committee shall accept or reject an applicant for membership and reports its action to the Secretary.  The Officers shall have the authority to reject any application which may have been accepted by the Membership Committee.


Section 3.  Upon acceptance or rejection of an application for membership, the Secretary shall be notified by the Membership Committee.  The Secretary shall notify sponsor (if sponsored) and applicant.


Section 4.  All new Boating Member applicants for membership are required to purchase a Membership Certificate in the Club before the approval of their application becomes final.


Section 5.  No Boating Member shall engage his/her boat in a commercial enterprise in any manner.







Section 1.  A Certificate of Membership signed by the Commodore and the Secretary, evidencing ownership of a share of the corporation, shall be issued to all Boating Members upon payment of membership fees due. 


Section 2.  Only one Certificate of Membership shall be issued to any one Boating Member.


Section 3.  All Boating Members must own one Certificate of Membership.  Social members are not permitted to own a Certificate of Membership. 


Section 4.  Owners of a Certificate of Membership who are in good standing in payment of dues shall be qualified Voting Members, one vote per certificate.


Section 5.  Each Boating Member shall agree that immediately upon resignation or dismissal, he/she shall surrender his/her Certificate of Membership to the Secretary and Treasurer for cash surrender.  If after two (2) years of inactivity the Certificate of Membership has not been redeemed, the certificate shall be removed from the registered roll and will have no redemption value.


Section 6.  In the event of a Boating Member’s death the Certificate of Membership must be surrendered by the surviving family.  It may be reissued to one member of the immediate family.





Section 1.  The annual business meeting of the club shall be held between August 15th and September 15th of each year.


Section 2.  Special meetings may be called by the Commodore or upon the request of two Officers, and shall be called upon the written request of ten Voting Members.  Such meetings to be held at such time and place as may be designed in the notice thereof.


Section 3.  Written notice of every meeting shall be mailed to each Voting Member at his usual post office address at least five days before the date set for each meeting.


Section 4.  More than thirty-five Voting Members of the club, present in person or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Club.


Section 5.  Each Voting Member of the Club in good standing at the opening of the meeting, who shall be present in person or by proxy, shall be entitled to one vote and no more, at an election for the officers, or on any subject submitted at a meeting.


Section 6.  Business shall be conducted at all meetings of the Club according to parliamentary usage, and the order of business, so far as the character and nature of the meeting will permit, shall be as follows:


            a)  Opening of the meeting

            b)  Reading of minutes of previous meeting

            c)  Reports of Standing or Special Committees

            d)  Balloting for candidates

            e)  Reading of communications

            f)  Treasurer’s Report

            g)  Unfinished business

            h)  New business

            i)  Adjournment of meeting





Section 1.  The Officers shall submit at the annual meeting a Schedule of Fees for the coming year to be approved by a majority of the Voting Members present at such a meeting, in person or by proxy   A non-refundable deposit shall be paid by all Boating Members, by November 1st to secure dockage for the following season.  All other dues and fees shall be paid on or before February 15th of each year to the Treasurer.  The fees of newly elected members shall be due upon final admission to membership.


Section 2.  Application for reinstatement may be made by paying one year's dues in advance if said application is made prior to the lapse of one year.  If application for reinstatement is made after a period of one year’s lapse, the applicant must make application as a new member.






Section 1.  To amend or alter this constitution, the proposed amendment of alteration shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer, signed by at least ten Voting Members.  The Officers shall call a special meeting of the Club for consideration of the proposal, for a date within thirty (30) days after same amendment was presented, unless a regular meeting falls within such a period.  The notice of said meeting shall contain such proposed amendment or alteration.


Section 2.  It shall require a two-thirds vote of the Voting Members present at such a meeting, in person or by proxy, to adopt any amendment or alteration of this Constitution.






Section 1.  All resignations of Boating Members must be in writing and addressed to the Secretary of Redbrook Boat Club.


Section 2.  No such resignation after June 15th in any year shall exempt a Boating Member from dues for the year.


Section 3.  No resignation of a Boating Member indebted to the Redbrook Boat Club will be accepted, until such debts are paid in full.






Section 1.  The Club flag shall be in the form of a pennant, the hoist shall be two-thirds that of the fly.  It will have a red field with a white stripe through the center.


Section 2.  Yachts enrolled at the Club shall have the right to fly such burgee except when under charter to a non-member.






Members shall be responsible for the proper mooring of their vessels and neither the Club nor its employees shall be responsible for any damage or accidents to property or individuals.  All vessels must be moored with two bow lines, at least one stern line, and at least one spring line of not less than 3/8” diameter manila lien or its equivalent, in new condition, or equivalent mechanical device acceptable to the Fleet Captain.












All docks are Club property.  A Dock Committee, under the supervision of the Fleet Captain, will be responsible for the construction and maintenance of all docks.  Dock specifications and requirements will be the responsibility of the Fleet Captain.






Should a Boating Member sell his/her boat, it is expressly agreed that the boat is sold as such, that in no case is the promise of either dockage or membership to be considered.






   1.      Boats shall not exceed 28 feet 0” inches in length with the maximum of 10 feet, 2 inches in beam.  No boat shall exceed 28’ 0” overall length when measured from the longest protruding points: i.e. Bow Pulpits, Stern Rails, Swim Platforms, Out drives or any other attachments.  Their draft shall not exceed three feet.  Docking availability shall be determined by the Fleet Captain.


   2.      The number of Boating Members shall be limited per the fee schedule.




The official season shall be considered to be from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Every reasonable effort shall be made to maintain adequate channel depth during this period.



Revision #                               Year Revision Passed                                                Revision Date

1                                                             1959                                                             -

2                                                             1962                                                             -

3                                                             1979                                                             -

4                                                             1983                                                             -

5                                                             1984                                                        2/18/84

6                                                             1985                                                        9/05/85

7                                                             1986                                                        9/06/86

8                                                             1987                                                        9/06/87

9                                                             1989                                                        9/03/89

10                                                           1992                                                        9/03/92

11 (mail out ballot)                                 1996                                                        3/15/86

12                                                           1998                                                        8/30/98

13                                                           2000                                                        8/27/00

14                                                           2004                                                        8/29/04

15                                                           2006                                                        8/27/06

16                                                           2008                                                        8/25/08









Article IV,      Sections 4h, 6

Article VIII,   Sections 2, 3, 5.

Article X,       Section 6.

Article XI,      Section 4

Article XII,     Section 1

Article XVI




Article V,       Section 2 - Provision for Trustee being elected to office

Article XII,     Section 1- Elimination of exemption of officers from paying dues and assessments.








Article V,        Section 1-  Changed number of Trustees from 3 to 4.




Article XI,       Section 1-  Eliminated requirement for annual social meeting.

Article XVII,   Made docks property of Club with responsibility of maintaining that of

Fleet Captain.  Provided yearly dock fee to pay for repair/replacement.




Article IV,       Section 4g-  Changed mailing deadline of dues notice from March 1st to January 1st.

Article IV,       Section 4h-  Changed mailing deadline of dues statement from March 1 to January 1, payment from April 15 to February 15 and suspension date from May 15 to March 1. 

Article VII,     Section 5-    Changed working to “qualified successors are elected”, deleted part on formal presentation at winter social meeting.

Article XII,     Section 1-    Changed $5.00 fee to “fee set yearly, payable on or before February 15th.

Article XIX,    Changed maximum boat dimension from 24’LOA, 7’5”B, 24”D to 23”LOA, 8’B, 30”D.




Article V,        Section 5- Changed from two to three the number of members which constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board and from two to three the number of affirmative votes required on any matter.

Article IX,       Section 1- Deleted the requirement of each applicant for membership being sponsored by a member.

Article IX,       Section 2- Deleted part of the sentence requiring applications to be delivered in duplicate by the sponsor.

Article X,        Section 2- Deleted the limitation authorizing on 150 certificates of membership.

Article X,        Section 6- Deleted the part of the sentence requiring the Club to attempt to sell the certificate of a member who resigns.

Article XI,       Section 4- Eliminated the reference to a majority of the Voting Members being present to constitute a quorum. Kept the requirement of needing more than 25.




Article VII,     Changed first sentence to permit election of Nominating Committee more than 30 days prior to annual meeting.

Article XIX,    Added a limit on the number of boating members.




Article XIX,    Changed limit on maximum beam from 8ft to 8ft 6inches.




Article XIX,    Changed maximum length limit and defined measurement points.




Article IV,       Section 1- Eliminated reference to standing and special committees.

                        Section 5- Petty cash fund increased.

                        Section 9- Changed from three officers to four.

                        Section 11- Suspension of a member expanded.

Article V,        Section 1- The board of Trustees changed from being the past four retired Commodores.

                        Section 2- Modified requirements for filling vacancies on Board of                  Trustees.

Article VI,       Section 5- Change to monthly meetings.

                        Section 1- Change requirements for appointing committees.

                        Section 2-  Eliminated required committees.

                        Section 3-  (New)

Article VIII,    Section 1-  Trustees added to the annual election.

                        Section 5-   Addition of Trustees service period of two years.

Article X,        Section 4-   Added one vote per certificate.

                        Section 5-  Added the two years of Certificate inactivity.

                        Section 6-  (New)

Article XI,       Section 4-   Changed voting members for quorum from 25 to 50.










Article XIX,    Revised as shown by mail in ballot Section 1 only, March 1996.

Section 1- specifies how the Fleet Captain, or his agent are to measure boats for the purpose of eligibility. No boat shall exceed 28” 0”, exceed a beam of 9’ 6” or exceed a draft of 3’ 0”.

Section2 – Limiting the number of boating members to 150.




Article XI,       Section 4- Changed from 50 to 35.

Article XV,     Section 1- Add the letters RBC to be visible on both sides.

Article XIX     Section 1- Boats shall not exceed 28’ 0” in length and maximum beam of 10’ 2”.




Article XII,     Section 1- Fall Deposit.





Series of changes to add 2 categories of membership: boating member and social member.  Change the usage of member to boating member thru out the constitution.  Added Fee Schedule to be prepared and voted upon by the membership.  Identified those areas that needed to be Voting Members and Certificate Holders.  Moved responsibilities from Secretary to Treasurer.





The number of boating members with either a boat or PWC or both shall be limited to 150. 




The number of boating members was moved to the fee schedule.  The actual dollar amount of the dock deposit was moved to the fee schedule.